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An Epic Novel Set In The Wild West Frontier

A gripping, sometimes humorous, time with the Pinkerton men trying to find the evil head of a gang that is terrorizing Western towns.

About The Author
About The Author

Meet Will Hutchison

Will Hutchison is the award-winning author of the fictional Ian Carlyle Series, covering the adventures of Ian Carlyle, a Scottish nobleman and military officer, through the Crimean War, the American Civil War, and the American Indian Wars. (Follow Me to Glory, The Gettysburg Conspiracy, and Satan’s Last Whisper).

He is also the author and photographer of two critically acclaimed, award-winning, historical and photographic works: Crimean Memories: Artefacts of the Crimean War, and Artifacts of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Will spent a significant part of his life in often dangerous endeavors – leading Marines in combat, working as an undercover drug agent in Europe, and conducting counter-terrorism initiatives at nuclear plants. Will is a sought-after international lecturer on nineteenth century wars. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and attended Corcoran School of Photography. Will now resides in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where he writes, consults, teaches, and takes amazing photographs.

Award-Winning Ian Carlyle Series

Follow Me To Glory

The Gettysburg Conspiracy

Satan's Last Whisper

Internationally Acclaimed Photographic Chronicle

This book is a comprehensive photographic essay on surviving artefacts from the Crimean War, fought 150 years ago. The authors spent two years photographing artefacts in museums and private collections across Great Britain and Ireland. Each artefact is presented with detailed colour photographs and informative text on its properties, history, and origin. Organized into chapters on soldiers’ clothing, equipment, and weapons, this work is an invaluable resource for military researchers and historians.

A Commemorative Work of the 140th Year of the Battle

Graphic, Chilling, and Pure Evil

"​This is a must read for those looking for the next twisting, turning, adventure!"