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Author & Photographer

About Will Hutchison

Will Hutchison graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Philosophy, in the Philosophy Honorary Society.

He is a 26 year military veteran, who served the first part of a 26 year career in the US Marine Corps. This included a tour and a half in combat in Vietnam. He then transferred services from the Marines to the Army in the later part of his military career as a Criminal Investigative Special Agent (CID).

In Army CID, Will served as an undercover narcotics agent in Amsterdam with the Dutch Police; in Belgium; and finally in Frankfurt, Germany, working with various branches of the German federal, state, and local police.  Ultimately he was assigned as Chief of the Level One Drug Suppression Team out of European CID Headquarters, Heidelberg, Germany.

On returning to the United States, Will was assigned to Headquarters Army Criminal Investigation Command as Chief of the Illegal Drug Branch of the US Army CID Command, worldwide.

Will is a graduate of Marine Corps schools on weapons, small unit tactics, and insurgency/counter-insurgency warfare.  He instructed on these subjects to Marines.  Will is also a graduate of the DEA Narcotics Officers School; 119th Session of the FBI National Academy; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Intelligence School in Ottawa, Canada; and the Federal Executive Institute, Charlottesville, VA.

Will retired from the military in 1984, to work for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Office of Investigations (USNRC OI) as a Senior Special Agent. Ultimately, he was selected as Asst/Director, USNRC OI. 

After September 11, Will developed and implemented programs to protect nuclear plants from terrorist attacks.  He worked closely with and participated in FBI task forces targeting terrorism as it potentially might impact US nuclear plants. 

Will retired from US Government service in 2003. He currently resides in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where he is involved in law enforcement consulting; security work; firearms instruction; writing historical military fiction/non-fiction; and writing western novels.